Let's Team Up!

Join the Roket Gear Hockey team 

Hockey School Partnership

Roket Gear appreciates the passion, commitment and dedication that hockey schools, camps, performance and training professionals share with their community...so they want to share with you! 

The Opportunity

Roket Gear Hockey is offering opportunities to hockey schools across the globe to Team Up! Be the first to provide the world's first 3S hockey training weighted shell to your hockey players. Join the movement and promote training that is taking it to the next level. No inventory, No investment, No commitment!

$$ Commission

As a Roket Gear Team member you get the commission deposited right into your bank account monthly

New Training Product

Be the first to introduce a new innovative hockey training product to all your players that is leading edge.

Training Video Library

Gain access to an in-depth training drill video library that focuses on our 3S Training System

Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion through the Roket Gear community and extensive support in marketing, training and sales.

Roket Gear

How It Works

Our online ordering system is easy to use and allows you to get the products you need in a short amount of time.

  • You will be provided with a custom Roket Gear landing page e.g. www.roketgear.com/elitehockeyschool
  • The landing page will be joint branded with your school name and logo 
  • We’ll provide you with a templated email that includes information about Roket Gear and your organization
  • Easy to use online ordering system for students, parents and instructors
  • Commission is tracked through your landing page and is paid out to you on a monthly basis

Roket Gear


Joining the Roket Gear community means we make sure that you know the product inside and out.

  • We provide in-depth product knowledge training sessions for staff conducted either in-person or via video conference
  • Full demonstration of Roket Gear training system for students and staff
  • Complete library of training videos that can be used to incorporate Roket Gear into your training programs


Once you join the Roket Gear community, we’ll provide you with continued support. 

  • Your hockey school will have a full detailed listing on our website
  • We will announce the partnership through our social media and email marketing channels and provide continued support 
  • You’re provided with an email marketing template for promotional use 
  • A product reel will be given to your school for in-school display, website and social channels
  • A large banner will be delivered to your school for promotion on the boards of your rink
  • Continued cross-promotional support throughout all of our social channels, events and website
  • We’re always available to contact at team@roketgear.com

Roket Gear

Team Members

Once you’ve decided to team up with Roket Gear you will be provided the following;

  • Roket Gear banner will be provided with your school logo included that you can place in your training area
  • An email and social media announcement to announcement created by your school or the Roket Gear team
  • We’ll provide you with a logo to list on your website to show you are a certified partner of Roket Gear
  • Product training knowledge will commence for your staff 

Let's Team Up!

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