Roket Gear Welcomes Fernando Pisani as Partner and VP of Hockey Division

Former Edmonton Oiler Fernando Pisani joins Roket Gear team


August 17, 2022


EDMONTON—Roket Gear, the world’s first weighted hockey shell training system, is proud to announce its partnership with Edmonton Oilers alumnus and 2006 Stanley Cup Finalist, Fernando Pisani, who is best known for his impressive 2006 Stanley Cup playoff run. Pisani’s hockey experience combined with his deep training and development expertise make him the perfect fit for Roket Gear’s unique training equipment. 


Roket Gear and Pisani have a shared goal to help growth-minded hockey schools and coaches empower their players through the most innovative and cutting edge training methods backed by science. 


“I spent the majority of my career here in Edmonton and I want to bring the best in training to the next generation of hockey players,” Pisani said. “Roket Gear’s love of the game and commitment to the local hockey community drew me to the company but the effectiveness of their training equipment solidified our partnership.”


“Our commitment to supporting player development is the foundation of our partnership,” said Roket Gear Co-founder and CEO Dr. Niz Saab. “Together we want to help players improve their performance with our training equipment by helping them develop strength and explosive speed while performing their skills on ice. This is known as Specificity Training and we contend it’s the next level in sports performance training.”


Roket Gear, co-founded by Dr. Niz Saab and Eddie Halabi in 2018 and launched this year, offers professional athletes, competitive amateurs and coaches an easy to use, portable training equipment system. The equipment can be personalized with precise amounts of weight allowing individuals to build explosive power, speed and strength while they train.


“As a hockey coach and parent, I know how challenging it is to find training tools that help players improve their game on-ice without impeding the skating stride. Roket Gear’s customizable and sport specific tools are a game-changing solution to help players improve with a simple and versatile system,” said Pisani. 




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Roket Gear offers the world's first and most innovative weighted training product, allowing hockey players to train in 3S mode to increase their performance by building strength and speed while practicing their skills. The patented fitted shell is designed to conform around the shin pad comfortably and stay put so you can focus on training. The shell clips on and off in seconds, making it easy to quickly add and remove weight, personalizing your workout on the fly for maximum benefit. Roket Gear products can be purchased online at and in select Edmonton-area sporting goods retailers.